The Benefits of Retaining a Paralegal

  • Licensed Paralegals have specialized training in areas of the law that most Lawyers generally do not practice in
  • Paralegals are cost effective for the legal services for which they provide
  • In Provincial Offences and Traffic Tickets, the Paralegal can represent you without you having to set foot inside a courtroom (unless the court orders otherwise)
  • Within the Paralegal scope of practice, Paralegals can be just as knowledgeable about the law as any Lawyer
  • Paralegals help relieve the burden from clients that self-represented litigants cannot escape from, namely:
    • Understanding legal forms, claims, and applications
    • Understanding the rules of a court, agency, board, commission, or tribunal
    • Understanding what the true legal issues are
    • Understanding what kinds of remedies are possible within a court, agency, board, commission, or tribunal